Would you like to be a pal for gigo.com? Your contribution will go to operating expenses and hardware purchases to keep gigo.com's services alive.

Just to be clear: that your contribution is not tax deductable. We are not a registered tax exempt organiation. This means that you can not write it off. Nor can I escape paying taxes on it. However, your contribution will be greatly appreciated, both by myself as well as all users of the system.

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Most contributions are $5 to $20. A few have sent as much as $100. How much you should send, is purely up to you - based on what value you get out of these resources, your personal capabilities, and your generousity. I welcome any amount of help. That said, amounts less than $5 sent via PayPal lose a significant portion of their value due to PayPal's fees (2.9% + 30 cents).